new channel lineup – and Ch. 50 has moved!

The University of Kentucky’s cable television channels have shuffled a bit. Be sure to check out Insight Communications Cable Channel 49, the new Wildcat Student TV! Formerly “Channel 50,” Wildcat Student TV made the move to Ch. 49 this summer but keeps its programming and activities intact. Be sure to click on their Program webpage to see their movie lineup. Note: Wildcat Student TV is campus-only (it is not available on Insight Channel 49 off campus).

Here’s the full channel lineup (all are located on Insight Communications’ cable system only):

  • Channel 45campus only Deutsche Welle programming (some in German, some in English).
  • Channel 48campus only TV5 (French, English, Spanish programming).
  • Channel 49campus only Wildcat Student TV:  movies, student-produced programming, and a bulletin board with WRFL audio.
  • Channel 69campus only UK Events Calendar (Bulletin Board) with WUKY audio, occasional downlinks.
  • Channel  16campus and community “Research Channel,” Journalism’s news program and UK Bulletin Board with WUKY audio.
  • Channel 219 – (Digital Tier) campus and community “Classic Arts Showcase,” Ag programming  and UK Bulletin Board.

Please note: Insight Channel 69 is newly added to the campus lineup, so you may not see it at first. If you do not see Channel 69, then go into the menu of the TV you are viewing and do the auto program setup. This will allow your TV to program all of the channels currently available. (Some may do this channel setup through an auxiliary piece of equipment, such as a DVD player.)


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