The University of Kentucky has launched its new news Web page – UKNOW News Network – at (you can also get to it by the url

The site makes good use of various media, and it’s busy with a lot of news. Nice features: In the lower part of the page you can edit what types of stories show up in the various boxes and you can shuffle the boxes around into the order you want to view them. Each box has a + and – at the bottom that allows you to add or subtract the number of articles available in each box. It takes a little patience to figure all this out – there are not at this time any pop-up explanations when you hover over any of those items. (It’s a new page; I know from experience it takes time to figure all these things out, so do give them a break as they configure.)

The RSS feed for the page is not working yet, but that will be a major bonus when it becomes active.

The page has just launched, and for the most part just to the UK community, so I’m watching with anticipation of what comes next as it is updated and makes its official debut. It has the potential to be a terrific addition to UK’s website.


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