accessing UKy iTunes U

I’ve had a few questions from our instructors and staff about how to get into the University ofUniversity of Kentucky's iTunes U Kentucky’s iTunes U collection, so here are some brief instructions:

  • Ensure you have the free iTunes software on your computer. It may be downloaded from the following Web site (you may need to request that a college or department IT person download it for you):
  • Open your Web browser to
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, and under Explore and Connect, click on iTunes U (this takes you to
  • On the Web page that opens, click on Access UK on iTunes U
  • Be patient … that click will open the iTunes software

If you’d like to find TASC’s podcasts, then add the following steps:

  • Once iTunes opens, look under Community and click on Teaching and Academic Support Center
  • Here you have several choices for podcasts. New ones will be added over time.
  • If you are looking for the Panic! Series, it is under Tools for Teaching.

Why doesn’t the University of Kentucky show up if you access iTunes U through the “iTunes Store”? It’s because we don’t have enough content yet to be listed. Instructors and others at UK who have content can contact me for information about how to get an iTunes U account.


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