hashtag hashtag

A popular way to “tag” (or classify, if you will) Twitter tweets (messages) is to use a hashtag, or the # key with a key word. So, this recent message by @lexhistory (Lexington History Museum), which was a RT (or re-tweet of someone else’s message), read

and contained a hashtag for genealogy. By clicking on the link formed by the #genealogy tag, you are taken to a group of messages that have to do with genealogy. This convention was created by Twitter users themselves as a hint to search on that word to find more information. Twitter obliged by making hashtags a one-click search.

All this to say that I’m using #UKiTunesU in my tweets to direct users to what’s new on the University of Kentucky’s iTunes U channel. Since we don’t have enough content yet to be a part of the iTunes U store, this may be a way that we can share with each other quickly and easily. Use it if you get a chance – let’s watch our content grow!


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