using YouTube captions

I finally have tried YouTube captioning … well “finally” is perhaps overstating it, since it hasn’t around been around that long. But nonetheless, I’ve felt the passage of time, and so I’ve taken an opportunity to try it out.

I started by using Jing (I have moved on from the free version and now pay for the $15/year Pro level) to record a demonstration on my desktop. I then uploded that to YouTube. Since I always work from a script, it only took moments to follow YouTube’s instructions (available after uploading) to copy my script into Notepad and place appropriate breaks for pacing. After uploading, YouTube worked its behind-the-scenes magic to make it happen. Below are the results. Not perfect, but pretty good!

While watching the video, you can turn the captions on and off by clicking the appropriate choice from the menu at the bottom right of the video screen (it looks like an up-arrow or a pyramid).