a quiet day

I’ve never been more pleased to have a quiet, low-key day at work. The update to Blackboard 9.1 went as smoothly as it could, with only a couple of glitches – some upload quotas needed resetting, and for a brief time we had an error that made Bb look a little squirrely … depending on where you were and what computer you were using. But all in all, it’s been a good day for an update. Here’s to more of that smooth sailing stuff!


PD presentation for Nursing

This post is for my friends in the College of Nursing … and for whomever else finds it interesting, of course. Today I am presenting a brief orientation and brainstorming session on Second Life for their professional development. Since I won’t have Internet available, and in the interest of keeping it to an hour, I’ve made some videos that we will discuss while viewing. The links below will take you to the handout and the videos on YouTube. Keep in mind that Wildcat is clumsy but means well. 😉

In addition, if you need a tutorial for getting started on Second Life, visit Blue 2.0. Tip for Nursing:  There’s an orientation area on UW Green Bay Nursing’s SL site that you may prefer to an Orientation Island.

Blogs, Wikis in Bb

As we enter the 4-week, there will be a brief interruption of service to our usual blogs and wikis in Blackboard. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have blogs and wikis to use. It’s just that our service provider (Campus Pack Learning Objects) for blogs and wikis won’t have their compatible version for Blackboard available until later in May.

For that reason, we’re turning on the standard Bb blogs and wikis for the 4-week. If you need blogs and wikis during that time, here are some instructions to help you with the tools that will be available:

We also will be comparing the relatively new Blackboard tools with our Campus Pack Learning Object tools this year to see if we need to continue to provide these tools separately from Blackboard. If you use both, let me know what you think about them.

Here comes the Bb update

I’m looking forward to next week’s Blackboard update from 9.0 to 9.1 – some fixes are coming your way that I know you will like.

See a preview video courtesy of our friends at KCTCS (thanks, Paige!).

Here are a few of the goodies you can expect:

  • The Grade Center is now located directly on the Control Panel (no extra click to drop down a a menu for it).
  • New content items will be available, including embedded YouTube videos, Flickr photos, and Slideshare presentations!
  • Emailed announcements will include the text of the announcement in the email.
  • The student assignment button will be a ONE-CLICK OPERATION instead of two clicks. Hurrah!!
  • No more error messages when students save all of their test questions.

Bb 9.1 will be ready for use at 8am on Tuesday, May 11. Be aware that the campus Bb system will be unavailable from 12:01am until 8am on May 11 so that the update can take place.