It’s the first day of school for the kids in my household. One still in elementary, the other heads off to middle school. It’s the one of two days in the school year that I know that they’ll hop out of bed without threats (the other is the last day of school). If only we could bottle that enthusiasm and sprinkle them with it the rest of the year. But for now it’s still exciting: acquaintances and friendships to be renewed, summer stories to be shared, teachers to be measured against past favorites, new adventures to be experienced, shiny school supplies to use. As a teacher, I also looked forward to the first day (and last day) of school; as a mother, I do as well, though perhaps tempered by some anxieties on behalf of my kids.

We’re still a couple of weeks away from the University of Kentucky’s first day of classes. Many if not most of the students will approach their first day back and their very first experiences on campus with enthusiasm. UK’s welcome to campus greets students in such a way that it matches their mood. We’re excited they’re coming here. Maybe we can try to bottle a little of that feeling and reapply it along the way. The countdown is on.


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