Academic Technology

You may have heard the news already, since it is making the rounds:  TASC (University of Kentucky’s Teaching & Academic Support Center) underwent a reorganization this summer, and as we enter the fall semester we do so as three groups that will continue to work closely together.

TASC’s Instructional Technology, AV/Distance Learning Networks, and Graphics & Multimedia divisions have now joined forces with SSTARS to form UK IT’s Academic Technology Group. I’ll be the AT Group’s director. TASC’s former Educational Development group is now CELT (the Center for the Enhancement of Learning & Teaching), under the direction of Dr. Kathi Kern. Connie Baird will continue to be director of Distance Learning Programs. All three groups will still be sharing space and cross-pollinating on tasks and projects, and, among other things, the AT Group will now be a part of project processes and protocols that will help our services grow into more efficient, helpful ones

For now, the old TASC web pages are undergoing a gradual change, so you can still find the services you need at I’m going to miss calling my co-workers TASCers, but just knowing that I still will be working closely with that group of people makes me smile. I’ll continue to contribute to technology180, although perhaps sporadically until I get my sea legs in UKIT.


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