adoption and adaptation

Two years ago I spat out a little rant after reading an Atlantic Monthly article about how use of the Web was “rewiring” the brain and dumbing us down. I probably shouldn’t follow a snort and roll of the eyes by sitting down to the keyboard, but sometimes I can’t help myself. That said, I have just finished reading a more thoughtful article in the New York Times on the subject of technology adoption and the adaptations that follow. It is not about our rewiring, although there are a few references. It speaks more to the point about what’s really going on, and that is our interaction with the technology and how we change it and it affects us. Read the article and you will find references to younger folk than I using their phones rather than a watch as a timepiece, but also pointing to evolutionary survivalists (the author’s phrase, and I like it) such as the radio. I like the idea that technology does not rewire the people, but that people rewire the technology (my phrase, and I like it).

I still don’t put much stock into short messages and social networking rewiring my brain/attention span/capabilities; however, I can get on board with adapting to new and rapidly evolving technology though change in habits and making personal choices. And now, if you will excuse me, I will return to reading The Three Musketeers. In a musty book. I bought it second-hand, because I don’t like to muss my nicest hard cover editions. Of course, I’m reading an English translation … I’m not a purist or anything.

Rewired. *snort*


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