A little Prezi

I admit it: I am linear. I like PowerPoint in all it’s one-two-threeness. Prezi just throws me for a loop. It’s all over the place. When I see it, it makes perfect sense. I love how you can use this presentation tool to show layers and relationships. When a presenter begins with a small idea, and zooms out to show me the big picture, I’m all admiration. It’s when I try to put one together myself that I have issues with mind order.

Having praised Prezi, I would add that a bad Prezi is no better than a bad PowerPoint. In fact, if a Prezi presentation is a poor one, it could have the added discomfort of making the viewer dizzy as well as confused.

If you haven’t tried a Prezi, explore the site at http://prezi.com/ to learn more about what it has to offer. If you are here because you attended my A&S presentation, you can find my simple Blogs & Wikis Prezi here, with the links I used.


2 Responses

  1. Check out http://PresentationZen.com for other presentation juice!

  2. Thanks @thinkjose!

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