blog lite, less filling

So, I was co-presenter today with Jose Castillo. Commercial first: he’s a terrific presenter, very engaging, good storyteller. I highly recommend catching him if you can. We both talked about blogs and wikis and other tools for expression and engagement. And then he said an interesting thing that hit home for me. He said he hasn’t written daily on his blog for a very long time. He’s moved to Twitter and elsewhere, and his followers know where to find him. Like Jose, I used to write every day in my blog. I do use Twitter and flit about elsewhere, but hearing his comment made me wonder why I visit here less often. I still have plenty to say. I still love to write. I imagine myself having less time to devote to blog-writing … I’m not sure yet whether that’s entirely true. So, I will have to think that over a bit. It perversely makes me want to write every single day to prove to myself that I can and should. Of course, that’s why I still read paper newspapers. *sigh*


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