keeping up

Keeping up with my online summer class continues to be difficult, but do-able. This week I’ve been doing some reading in preparation for a paper, which I finished tonight and uploaded a just a few short hours before the 11:59pm deadline last night. I can easily envision how students “wait until the last minute” to upload assignments, and now I have a little more understanding. In my case, I’ve been working on the paper (and the other activities) late in the evening after my first job (work) and my second job (kids) have closed up for the night. Juggling everything and then getting that paper in on time while zipping through other assignments has been challenging, but it certainly brings back my time management skills. I suppose I will have a little more perspective next time I hear in my office that a student tried uploading a paper at the last minute only to meet a technical challenge that required assistance. Yesterday, when my class would not appear in Blackboard for an hour or so, I had the brain-freezing thought that it might be me this time.


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