Well, I survived. I’ve completed the major work and projects for my online summer course in Blackboard. During June I raced to keep up as one day equaled approximately one week. To anyone considering an online summer course, here’s my advice: be ready, get out of the gate quickly, and check in twice a day (early and late if you have to). Previously I had taken online courses that were aligned with a fall or spring semester. It was much easier to keep up with those courses, falling into a well-worn semester routine. My only summer course experiences had all been face to face. In a classroom, you are reminded daily of your intense routine; at home, you better keep up with it yourself or you’re toast. I found myself putting the assignments on my calendar, and then backing up several days to to schedule reminders to myself to start projects early. I also checked the gradebook regularly to ensure I hadn’t overlooked anything. I’m irritatingly (I’m sure) time-oriented, so this was done in almost a frenzy. (I won’t even tell you how many clocks and calendars I have in my house. If I have an obsessive-compulsive bone in my body, it’s about time.) I’m relieved to be done with the bulk of it. I came home yesterday afternoon, lay down, and immediately slept for three hours. I’m feeling a bit more human today.


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