Support for UK Core first-timers in Bb

As UK Core faculty begin to use Blackboard (Bb) more frequently for their courses, UKIT’s Academic Technology Group has launched a special entry webpage into online Bb resources for instructors. The new page, located at, is a pared-down version of our instructions for placing an assignment in Blackboard. Why? Because there are a number of UK Core faculty who are new to Blackboard and who are contributing (randomly-selected and anonymous) assignments to a pool for the assessment of student learning. In order to make the pool as easy as possible to draw from, the goal is to have that set of assignments submitted electronically, through our learning management system (Bb).

The page at is intended to be of assistance, providing 1. step-by-step instructions for both the instructor and the students; 2. providing video demonstrations of both the instructor and students steps; and 3. providing links to other pages in the Academic Technology Training Library, so that interested instructors can expand their new knowledge.

We have also included an email link to a small group that will be available to answer questions on the fly for those instructors new to Bb who need help placing that assessment assignment. In this time of “ramping up” knowledge quickly, we thought that additional piece would be helpful, or at least reassuring.



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