Academic Technology Group webpages

On Sept. 1, UKIT’s Academic Technology Group  launched its web pages. Although we had been sneaking out there throughout the summer, we finally had enough content to make it official beginning this month.

Here’s a quick tour:

  • The home page for ATG is
  • The the left, you’ll find a menu linking to descriptions of various services. That list will grow. Also worth noting: On each of those pages, you will find a link to a corresponding resources page in our Academic Technology Training Library. More about that below.
  • In the left menu you will also find a link to software that’s available on campus or software that’s being used on campus and was suggested for our list.
  • To the right, you’ll find a “Top 5” list each month that reflects the types of questions we’re getting about services.
  • Just under the Top 5, you’ll find a link to our Academic Technology Training Library. There, you will find a growing number of resources that you may use for your own reference or to assist you in presenting information to others. More to come; we’ve just gotten started.
I hope you find useful information in our web pages. Be sure to let me know if you would like to see specific additions as we grow.
Academic Technology Group web page

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