My Site in SharePoint

Did you know that you can create your own space in SharePoint to save both private and shared documents? If you are at the University of Kentucky, you can login to SharePoint on the LinkBlue page (see the menu at the left on that page and look for Academic SharePoint). Once you log in, you will see a link in the very top right: My Site. Click it. Even if you have not yet set up your My Site, it’s waiting for you. Here’s a view of mine, below. I realize it’s difficult to see details, but this is the overall look, and you will see a red arrow pointing to the My Site link. NOTE: If possible, use Microsoft Explorer as your web browser. SharePoint is a Microsoft product, and so as you can imagine it works best with other Microsoft products. (It does work with other browsers, but you’ll have more options with Explorer.)

My Site on SharePoint


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