Wildcat and friends at the Fall I2 Meeting

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Virtual Anatomy Lab

Virtual Anatomy Lab in Second Life

Ricetopher Freenote (Dr. Christopher Rice) and Kezia1618 Landar (Dr. April Richardson) will join Wildcat Thursday (Patsy Carruthers) and Alice Burgess (Beth Kraemer) in-world for a brief presentation to the Fall Internet2 meeting. The focus will be Second Life as a K-20 tool that requires high-speed Internet access. Here is a description of our 15-minute session:

Virtual Anatomy and Political Science in Second Life – University of Kentucky uses its space in Second Life to support teaching and research projects as well as special events. April Richardson, Ph.D., (Kezia1618 Landar) teaches a virtual anatomy lab in SL, and Christopher S. Rice, Ph.D., (Ricetopher Freenote) has used SL to support his course American Political Thought, in which students explored political theory concepts in the built and social environments of Second Life. Visit UK’s SL project and link to resources and UK Island in Second Life at http://ukisland.wordpress.com/

Our session starts at 8:45am Eastern time (5:45am SLT) on Monday, Oct. 3, 2011, in the virtual WT Young Library. We will visit the virtual anatomy lab, as well (photo of lab building, which is next to the library). There are two ways to join us, but be aware that some challenges exist and, depending on how you attend, you may not hear all parts of the presentation.

  1. Join us in Second Life*. We’ll start at the virtual WTY Library on University of KY Island and we’ll move to the virtual anatomy lab to wrap up. If you join us here, you will not hear Wildcat’s introduction; you will only hear the in-world presenters. Since Wildcat’s portion is very short, at the beginning, then you won’t miss much. We’d love to have you there to observe! (Please refrain from discussion if you attend in-world; we have only 15 minutes to present and will not have time for Q&A.)
  2. Join via streaming for I2 Meeting attendees at https://www.mcnc.org/video-streaming/Internet2Members.

Questions?  Email Patsy Carruthers (Wildcat Thursday) at pcarr3@uky.edu.

*Get an avatar and download the Second Life viewer by visiting https://join.secondlife.com/.  (You can choose to be a person, an animal … even a vehicle. Note the choices at the top center of the page.)