Introducing: The Scholars

Help is on the way. UKIT‘s Academic Technology Group has formed a small group of smart, helpful, resourceful students called The Scholars, and they are ready to help grow your capacity in Blackboard, Adobe Connect, media and more. Light on their feet and handy with the tools, these students are led by a graduate assistant and supervised by the incomparable Virginia Lacefield, and they’ve been trained to be ATG’s extra hands when it comes to those “how-to” questions and training needs.

Since November, The Scholars have been busy building their technology capacity, producing handouts and tutorials, supporting Blackboard user needs, and creating a solid team. And, now, you are hearing it first: April 2, The Scholars go public. You can even request Scholar help from the Service Desk if you are having difficulty with a technology tool and need a little one-on-one time. Use Lync in Windows or Lync for Mac? You’ll find them there, too, usually in the afternoons (search on BbScholars in Lync “Find a contact”).

“Hmmm, Patsy, how can I get the students that work for me to do some of those things, too?” Well, gentle reader, I’m glad you asked. Another Scholar task will be to build a training program that replicates Scholars as we lose them to graduation and the work force, and also that replicates them within the colleges and departments that have  existing student capacity. We’ll be building competency and training materials not only in the technology, but also in the areas of communication and presentation.

Meet the Scholars!


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