get an Adobe Creative Suite 6 preview

Adobe will be on campus in May to talk about the Creative Suite 6 (CS6) release and do some show-and-tell just for University of Kentucky faculty, instructors, and instructional support staff. You could even walk away with a free copy of CS6 (although keep in mind that many Adobe products are available already for that audience).

Registration is required at
Seating is limited.

Join Adobe 9:30-11:30am on Thursday, May 10, in White Hall Classroom Building 319 for an exclusive launch event on campus showcasing Adobe Creative Suite, CS6. Our Adobe representative says, “You will see the latest product features of Photoshop® CS6, Illustrator® CS6, InDesign® CS6, and more — equipping faculty, staff and students with the ultimate toolset to edit photos, draw graphics, produce video, and publish to print, digital, and mobile devices. Learn how to engage, unleash creativity, and prepare students for career success with industry-leading Adobe Creative Suite 6 software.”

Those who register and attend will be entered for a chance to win a copy of Adobe Creative Suite.

Find this event and more on the Academic Technology Group calendar.


news on the OpenClass pilot

The spring OpenClass pilot at University of Kentucky is coming to a close, and three of the pilot’s instructors will be sharing their experiences during a mid-day event on Monday, May 7. You are invited to attend OpenClass Experiences: Presentations and Discussions, an opportunity to hear more about the results of the Spring semester pilot of OpenClass, a free Learning Management System accessed as a Google App.

Hear three OpenClass instructors discuss their experiences:

  • Margaret Mohr-Schroeder, Ph.D., EDU 300
  • Christopher S. Rice, Ph.D., PS 557
  • David Sacks, Ph.D., GS 630

Other pilot participants will be present and contribute to further discussion.

The session will be from noon until 1pm on Monday, May 7, in White Hall Classroom Building 319. Feel free to bring your lunch with you. Cookies and drinks will be provided.

Please RSVP to Patsy  so that we may plan for refreshments. Drop-ins are welcome.

so … I did a tweet chat …

As part of University of Kentucky Social Media Week I did a Twitter Talk. Regardless of what that term means to you, me or the lamp post, I decided to do it Twitter chat style. Let me say that I am glad that there were just a handful of people tweeting. It was difficult to keep up even with that few. I had several lurkers who let me know later that they were watching … probably best for all of us 😉

At the last minute, I decided to check out HootSuite, because I wanted to archive the chat. That was both good and bad. I had to quickly get up to speed and try to understand their archiving system. As it turned out, the free version allows you to archive 100 tweets, and the paid version allows you to archive and download (in spreadsheet form) a much larger number. I could never quite get it to do what I wanted in the limited time I had, so I ended up literally copying and pasting directly out of HootSuite.

Copying and pasting out of HootSuite turns out to produce much nicer looking results than copying and pasting out of Twitter. You still have to read from the bottom up (unless you are willing to reorg … I’m not), but that’s not too bad.

Here’s the result. Feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments, below.


twitter talk coming up Wednesday

UK Social Media Week got off to a great start here at the University of Kentucky! Monday was filled with interesting sessions and events. A special thanks to my panel yesterday and the audience that was ready to ask questions.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 4/11), I am hosting a Twitter Talk at 11:30am Eastern time (if you had it on your calendar already, it’s not your imagination – it was at noon but it changed slightly). I hope to see many UKy Tweeters, but outside tweeps who want to contribute are welcome.  I’m going to run my talk more like a chat:  I’ll be posting questions and discussing with the group. In the (scary) event that I get no tweets back, I’ll just talk to myself. 😉 I’m pretty good at that, too.

I hope you’ll join me. The topic is tools for media and productivity. This is what will happen:

  • 11:25 – I’ll be on and counting down to our start. You should search in Twitter for #uksocialmedia (chose ALL and not Top for your view) and that will give you a screen that refreshes with our chat (you’ll also see other posts, but you should be able to follow our stream).
    • Another way to follow that may be less distracting for newbies:  Follow in TweetChat (you must have a Twitter account first, and then you just click sign in and allow it to access Twitter. Search on #uksocialmedia). Tradeoffs:  You don’t have to type in the hashtag (it appears automatically), but it takes a bit for tweets to show up, so you might be slightly behind. If you are an old hand at Twitter, you know your way around and tools you like to use, so do your thing.
  • 11:30am – I’ll get started with Question 1, which will be to ask you to introduce yourself.
  • I’ll ask you to respond with the question number at the beginning and the #uksocialmedia hashtag at the end, so that we can follow your responses and each other. Here’s the format:
    • Q1:  Please introduce yourself. #uksocialmedia
    • Q1 Hi! I’m @connectedcampus #uksocialmedia

Come prepared to tell us about your favorite media and productivity tools – for personal or professional use. Have URLs handy. You might even want to have a text document ready that you can copy and paste from as necessary – but don’t forget to add the question number and the hashtag!

Don’t worry about “talking over” someone, and don’t feel the need to read every comment in order. We can all go back and re-read the tweet chat afterward to pick up what we missed.

I’m new at this, so bear with me. 🙂 Questions? Direct Message me in Twitter at @connectedcampus or email me.

come hear our panel for social media week

UKIT will host a panel for University of Kentucky Social Media Week, with yours truly moderating, titled “Professionalism, Productivity, and Personal Networking.” You can find us in Student Center Room 249 at 2pm on Monday, April 9, 2012.

The panel will discuss social media used for productivity and research as well as for professional and personal networking. Panel members will discuss tools including Twitter, Facebook, Blog Talk Radio, Google+ and Google apps, RSS, blogging, and Pinterest, among others. And, they’ll be ready to take questions from the audience.
Panelists and their areas of interest will be

  • Roger Brown, Lecturer, Agricultural Economics: Engaging students with social media
  • Virginia Lacefield, graduate student, Communication: Using social media as a student for group communication and projects
  • Jeff Rice, Associate Professor, Division of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Media; Co-Director, Wired: How personal interests translates into relationships, conversations, and a model for engagement
  • Kakie Urch, Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Telecommunications Coordinator of ICT Co-Lab: Social media as a newsfeed, an instructional communications tool, an institutional communications tool, and more
  • Ning Yu, Assistant Professor, School of Library & Information Science: Social media in research and their uses in data mining, analysis, and information retrieval
If you can’t be there, do throw us a question on Twitter at #uksocialmedia during the session and we’ll do our best to respond. If you want to send your question early, tweet me at @connectedcampus.
Hope to see you there!

Social Media Week

University of Kentucky’s Social Media Week is set for April 9-13, 2012, and there is much to do, see and hear. A number of groups are collaborating on sessions and events that will appeal to students, staff and faculty interested in increasing their social media skills.

Need info? I knew you did.

And now you know. So, go! Participate! See you there!