twitter talk coming up Wednesday

UK Social Media Week got off to a great start here at the University of Kentucky! Monday was filled with interesting sessions and events. A special thanks to my panel yesterday and the audience that was ready to ask questions.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 4/11), I am hosting a Twitter Talk at 11:30am Eastern time (if you had it on your calendar already, it’s not your imagination – it was at noon but it changed slightly). I hope to see many UKy Tweeters, but outside tweeps who want to contribute are welcome.  I’m going to run my talk more like a chat:  I’ll be posting questions and discussing with the group. In the (scary) event that I get no tweets back, I’ll just talk to myself. 😉 I’m pretty good at that, too.

I hope you’ll join me. The topic is tools for media and productivity. This is what will happen:

  • 11:25 – I’ll be on and counting down to our start. You should search in Twitter for #uksocialmedia (chose ALL and not Top for your view) and that will give you a screen that refreshes with our chat (you’ll also see other posts, but you should be able to follow our stream).
    • Another way to follow that may be less distracting for newbies:  Follow in TweetChat (you must have a Twitter account first, and then you just click sign in and allow it to access Twitter. Search on #uksocialmedia). Tradeoffs:  You don’t have to type in the hashtag (it appears automatically), but it takes a bit for tweets to show up, so you might be slightly behind. If you are an old hand at Twitter, you know your way around and tools you like to use, so do your thing.
  • 11:30am – I’ll get started with Question 1, which will be to ask you to introduce yourself.
  • I’ll ask you to respond with the question number at the beginning and the #uksocialmedia hashtag at the end, so that we can follow your responses and each other. Here’s the format:
    • Q1:  Please introduce yourself. #uksocialmedia
    • Q1 Hi! I’m @connectedcampus #uksocialmedia

Come prepared to tell us about your favorite media and productivity tools – for personal or professional use. Have URLs handy. You might even want to have a text document ready that you can copy and paste from as necessary – but don’t forget to add the question number and the hashtag!

Don’t worry about “talking over” someone, and don’t feel the need to read every comment in order. We can all go back and re-read the tweet chat afterward to pick up what we missed.

I’m new at this, so bear with me. 🙂 Questions? Direct Message me in Twitter at @connectedcampus or email me.


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  1. Times have been updated in the post now!

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