so … I did a tweet chat …

As part of University of Kentucky Social Media Week I did a Twitter Talk. Regardless of what that term means to you, me or the lamp post, I decided to do it Twitter chat style. Let me say that I am glad that there were just a handful of people tweeting. It was difficult to keep up even with that few. I had several lurkers who let me know later that they were watching … probably best for all of us 😉

At the last minute, I decided to check out HootSuite, because I wanted to archive the chat. That was both good and bad. I had to quickly get up to speed and try to understand their archiving system. As it turned out, the free version allows you to archive 100 tweets, and the paid version allows you to archive and download (in spreadsheet form) a much larger number. I could never quite get it to do what I wanted in the limited time I had, so I ended up literally copying and pasting directly out of HootSuite.

Copying and pasting out of HootSuite turns out to produce much nicer looking results than copying and pasting out of Twitter. You still have to read from the bottom up (unless you are willing to reorg … I’m not), but that’s not too bad.

Here’s the result. Feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments, below.



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