What if we had a Bb upgrade and no one panicked?

Since arriving at the University of Kentucky, the single most stressful event in my life has been the dreaded Blackboard upgrade. I say “dreaded” because the moment the word upgrade left my lips, the eyes of the person I faced would suddenly fill with terror or fury (or both). And let me tell you, the dread was in my heart as well.

Now, it just hurts my soul to bring anguish to the people I’m sworn to help. Bring it I did, though. Almost yearly.

But something different happened this year:  Between our over-the-top preparations (we’ve been testing and training and communicating since spring) and Bb’s greater attention to instructor needs (including the need for smooth transitions in changing layout), we had a Blackboard upgrade last weekend and there was no widespread panic. In fact, for most people on campus, it was kind of a non-event. A few even sent congratulations on the smooth sailing. (Well, it was smooth as far as they know. Never look behind the curtain, folks. Nothing to see here. Move along.)

Far from patting ourselves on the back, though, the next step is to review the entire affair and make an even better plan for next time. (That sound you hear is UKIT staff groaning.) But maybe I’ll just sit here and enjoy my relief for a few more minutes before the semester starts.


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