checking our PULSE

This week, UKIT staffers are taking part in something we call the PULSE project. The initiative brings people who have a variety of expertise to the Service Desk during the opening of term so that there are more people to answer calls and route them to the appropriate area of support. The plan is to bulk up staffing when we know calls will be at their most frequent.

What does this mean to you? Our hope is that we are able to answer your call  to 218-HELP (218-4357) a bit more quickly during a critical time and give you a person to talk to more rapidly when urgency is greatest. What does it mean to us? Those who have technical knowledge but may get few chances to interact directly with customers are having the opportunity to help on the front lines.

There’s no doubt about it, Service Desk duty can be very stressful on an average day. This week and next heighten that stress level considerably. The unexpected bonus has been that there are those helping in the PULSE project who are taking away a new appreciation of the customer experience, and who are actually enjoying it, stress and all.

Welcome to opening of term. How may I help you?


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