Survived. Again.

It’s Sunday, so I feel pretty confident in saying that I survived Fall opening-of-term week. It’s my fifth. (Yes, gentle reader, only five. Yet it feels like so many more.) It’s possible that I am the walking dead, I suppose. I certainly feel like it.

The past week is one of great highs and lows, excitement and terror, for nearly everyone: New students, returning students, faculty, TAs with a first assignment, dining services staff, IT staff, and pretty much everyone else on campus. The good news for my staff and many of our colleagues in IT is that planning, testing, and collaboration made the opening of term a bit more exciting and far less terrifying. A new and improved ticketing system, an improved Blackboard testing environment, an all-hands-on-deck effort in the UKIT Service Desk – all that and more made the week go more smoothly. There were still problems to be solved and feathers to be smoothed, but having those other elements in place made those incidents more easily manageable.

Of course, we’re all still exhausted, but that’s to be expected, too. Personally, my eye is twitching like some sort of mad chief inspector.

Herbert Lom as eye-twitching Chief Inspector Dreyfus in any number of Pink Panther movies.



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