O365 and apps

If you have an Outlook email account, or if your school has an agreement with Microsoft to provide O365, you may have noticed “apps” appearing  for your use. I ignored them for some time, but I’m starting to explore them.

If you have a personal outlook account, you will find what looks like a little keypad in the top left of your window:


When you click it, a pop-out window expands with “apps” in it, which include your mail, calendar, storage space (OneDrive), and a few other items to explore.

If you have OneDrive through your school or place of employment, you will find more apps, including Teams (similar to Slack), Forms, SharePoint, and more. You may (as we do at the University of Kentucky) also have the ability to download Office software to as many as five personal devices (laptop, phone, etc.).

It is definitely worth checking out if you have not. I also have a Google account and a Google Apps for Education account. I like both Google and O365, but I do prefer the power of the Office suite software both online and on my computer and easily moving between the two. Once I forced myself to look, I appreciated what it had to offer.


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