hashtag hashtag

A popular way to “tag” (or classify, if you will) Twitter tweets (messages) is to use a hashtag, or the # key with a key word. So, this recent message by @lexhistory (Lexington History Museum), which was a RT (or re-tweet of someone else’s message), read

and contained a hashtag for genealogy. By clicking on the link formed by the #genealogy tag, you are taken to a group of messages that have to do with genealogy. This convention was created by Twitter users themselves as a hint to search on that word to find more information. Twitter obliged by making hashtags a one-click search.

All this to say that I’m using #UKiTunesU in my tweets to direct users to what’s new on the University of Kentucky’s iTunes U channel. Since we don’t have enough content yet to be a part of the iTunes U store, this may be a way that we can share with each other quickly and easily. Use it if you get a chance – let’s watch our content grow!


accessing UKy iTunes U

I’ve had a few questions from our instructors and staff about how to get into the University ofUniversity of Kentucky's iTunes U Kentucky’s iTunes U collection, so here are some brief instructions:

  • Ensure you have the free iTunes software on your computer. It may be downloaded from the following Web site (you may need to request that a college or department IT person download it for you): http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/
  • Open your Web browser to http://www.uky.edu/
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, and under Explore and Connect, click on iTunes U (this takes you to http://itunes.uky.edu/)
  • On the Web page that opens, click on Access UK on iTunes U
  • Be patient … that click will open the iTunes software

If you’d like to find TASC’s podcasts, then add the following steps:

  • Once iTunes opens, look under Community and click on Teaching and Academic Support Center
  • Here you have several choices for podcasts. New ones will be added over time.
  • If you are looking for the Panic! Series, it is under Tools for Teaching.

Why doesn’t the University of Kentucky show up if you access iTunes U through the “iTunes Store”? It’s because we don’t have enough content yet to be listed. Instructors and others at UK who have content can contact me for information about how to get an iTunes U account.

fair use is our friend

Here’s an entertaining and informational video about Fair Use, along with a code of best practices to accompany it (scroll down beneath the video on the Web page … keep scrolling, it’s there). Bonus: Today’s post is NOT about Blackboard 9. 😉

To view and read, visit the Center for Social Media (American University’s School of Communication). Also, I’ve posted the video in my “pod” (see column at left on this page).

Bb9 is coming May 12!

It’s almost time: UK upgrades to Blackboard 9 on May 12, 2009! Are you ready? Fortunately, the change brings improved functionality, such as contextual drop-down menus, fewer “clicks” to make changes, and drag-and-drop modules. The most visible change right off the bat is that the Control Panel and its menus have all moved to the column at left on the course shell page.

For more information:

the essay mill

The Chronicle of Higher Education takes a tour of an essay mill from the essay-writer’s side. Click the image below and then click on the “play” button on the Chronicle‘s media player in the new page.

Journey to the Center of an Essay Mill

Journey to the Center of an Essay Mill

PBS video portal

Good morning. I’ve been away for a few days, gathering steam for the Blackboard 9 Release rollout, but I’m still here. 😉

I had to jump back in today to let you know that PBS has launched a new portal to national and local video: http://www.pbs.org/video. View full-length programs of your favorite series. This has been a long time coming, and will be a boon to educators who like to use clips of Nature, NOVA, Frontline, American Experience, and more. Hey, even Julia Child’s cooking programs are accessible there! This portal can only grow and get better, so stay tuned … .

Help Desk to the rescue!

TASC and UK’s Customer Service Center – or “Help Desk” – are pleased to launch a partnership in support of Blackboard users. We’ll be working together to ensure that faculty and students have as much information as possible at their fingertips about Bb solutions, including a wiki and “Bb 101” online for both faculty and students. Watch this space for more information in May!